On most days we wear pink.

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Outfit details: Target bow, J.Crew peplum top, Osh Kosh overalls (gift), Old Navy shoes

My guy and I joke that our daughter is a mad scientist. We can’t explain her hair except for the most likely scenario: bebe conducts experiments in the night that go horribly wrong.

That or maybe the shock of J. Crew discontinuing their baby line makes her hair stand on end.

In any case, we are crazy about this hair.

On most days we wear pink.

Hold on to your butts.

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I recently noticed that some of baby’s clothes have belt loops on them. She has some skinny jeans and overalls, in particular, that have belt loops.

I haven’t observed bebe walking around pulling her jeans up from constantly sagging. But, to be fair, I haven’t observed her walking around, period. Not sure what the utility is, but damn it if I didn’t immediately search online for baby belts.

They exist.

Have I ever really lived until now?

Hold on to your butts.

Baby leather jackets are real.

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Mama outfit details: Mossimo dress, Calvin Klein shoes

I almost bought a pleather jacket for my baby today. I was alone at Target, which is never a good idea, and I held the tiny jacket in my hand. I thought to myself, “This is stupid. It’s 94 degrees outside, and my 7.5-month old does not need zipper pockets.”

So, I put the sweet BABY LEATHER JACKET back on the rack. For today. I will be back.

Baby leather jackets are real.

A note about hats.

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baby smile | bebewears.comOutfit details: similar baby hat, Elle Kids tank + shorts (gift), similar sandals

I was so excited about sharing this little outfit that my uncle sent from Korea, but sometimes (all the time) bebe just wants to do her thing. Babies are so squirmy. Write this next part down — this is an important note-taking opportunity.

Things babies like about hats:

  • Wearing them as masks
  • Chewing them
  • Using them for storage
  • Driving them to the store for groceries
  • Crafting them into makeshift shoes
  • Weaving them together to form a raft

Things babies don’t like about hats:

  • Wearing them on their heads

Pretty much could not get her to sit still, because she’s decided that she no longer wants to wear a baby fedora. *I* want to wear a baby fedora. This kid does not know how good she has it.

Also, how ridiculous is her chunk foot in that sandal — using the singular here since, yes, she would only wear one sandal.

A note about hats.

Good will, interrupted.

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I have been cleaning out bebe’s closet regularly, swapping in new clothes for the outgrown onesies and such. Everything is organized into two categories – donate and keep.

I’d never considered myself particularly sentimental. Having a baby transformed me. I’m not Level 1 “Keep Belly Button Stump” sentimental, but I surprised myself when I couldn’t muster the will to put the bags of clothes in my car for donation drop-off.

I acknowledge that someone else could benefit from the useless (albeit adorable) pockets on her baby denim shorts. But as I looked down at the tiny odds and ends that once fit my babe, they took me back to those sweet first weeks of newborn skin and toothless smiles.

I’m just not ready to let go, yet.

Good will, interrupted.

Weekend vibes.

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Outfit details: headband, dress, moccasins, baby blanket

For the first time in recent memory, it was sunny and breezy. We took advantage of the sublime weather to get out and about with our girl, brunching, lunching (we like to eat), and gallivanting all weekend.

Between runs to Starbucks and visiting with friends and family, we enjoyed some good ole playtime in our downtime, watching bebe try to crawl.

It was the perfect weekend for a little denim eyelet dress and gold accents.



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My daughter is 7 months old, and naturally, I think she’s the best baby in the history of all babies. When she’s napping, her dad and I are talking about her and/or watching videos and photos of her. To be clear, we are obsessed with her.

She has 6 teeth, wears 12-month clothing, and loves playing hard-to-get with her dad. She is an awesome sleeper and enthusiastic “bah-bah-bah”-er. She is my first human child and sister to three lunatic canines.

While I was pregnant with my daughter, I foresaw a practical lifestyle in which my little one would strictly wear hand-me-downs and plain white onesies – ya know, since littles grow so fast and all.

That’s all well and good, except Etsy. God damn you, Etsy. I NEED the custom-made organic shorts that my baby will wear exactly one time. Those baby moccassins? Bring ’em. Oh, and that natural wooden teether with her name burned into the wood by hand — go ahead and put me down for one of those, please.

Here’s to finding that balance between the practical and impractical, capturing special moments with my girl along the way.